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From transportation to hospitality, new business models are transforming industries in an instant. Those who evolve will win. Those who don’t will get left behind.

The energy broker business is evolving. How will you keep pace with change?

REX has developed a dynamic portfolio of business solutions available at no out-of-pocket cost to you. It gets you more customers in more markets in a fraction of the time it used to take energy brokers to scale their businesses into thriving enterprises.

REX also gives you turnkey process automation to run your business quickly and efficiently, which only offers you more time to find more customers and continue your trajectory upward.

Infuse technology, people and time into your business now.

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REX Portal

Technology that will transform an industry

clear commission outlook

access to leading suppliers

side by side price comparison

private label option

electronic contracting

easy contract renewals

flexible margin management

crm functionality

mobile friendly interface

Market Operations Desk (MOD)

Your dedicated team to help close deals

As a business owner, you are charged everyday with being resourceful in order to save costs and money. What if you could multiply your team overnight at no out-of-pocket cost to you? REX makes that possibility real.

A cornerstone of the REX Membership is a dedicated team of industry professionals known as the MOD Team. They give you the administrative and strategic firepower to:

Process quotes
Manage supplier relationships
Execute contract processing
Reconcile commissions

The MOD team is waiting to help you close deals, grow profits and get back the most precious of all business assets – time.

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Market Operations

REX Training & Certification
Next-level knowledge the industry trusts

REX is preparing brokers for the future of the energy industry and helping them achieve their full potential through an online learning management system that offers self-paced energy training and certification courses.

REX arms brokers with the knowledge they need to be effective, stay competitive, and win in the industry. In turn, suppliers who join REX get access to a group of well-trained, highly-qualified brokers they want to work with.

Commercial energy customers are the ultimate beneficiaries of a knowledgeable broker community that can effectively serve their needs.

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Start a Business
with no start-up capital

REX gives aspiring entrepreneurs a pathway to succeed in business with an unprecedented no-cost infrastructure made up of technology, industry experts, supplier relationships, training and certification, and licensing required to operate in 21 states.

Instantly, brokers gain access to the tools and relationships that would normally require years of time and effort to build. REX provides this essential foundation at no out-of-pocket cost.

Experienced brokers that want to branch out on their own can also look to REX for the support they need to make their entrepreneurial dreams a reality.

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